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Mini Split Installation

Do you only want to heat and cool a single room, section of your home, your garage, or your shed? Then a ductless mini-split system might be the best option for you.


Individual air handlers are used instead of ducting, and they can be placed in practically any room. This two–in–one system allows you to manage the temperature of each room separately, giving you a level of precision that centralized devices can't match. More importantly, you can turn off the heat or air conditioning in areas of your home that aren't occupied, relieving stress on the system and lowering your monthly bills.

Will your home benefit from a Mini Split Installation?

There are many various types of homes in Sacramento, each with their own set of needs, and not all of them will benefit from a ductless system. At Corsair Heating And Air we can help with this decision. We usually advise people with smaller homes to remain with more centralized systems, as the benefits of ductless systems can be lost in smaller homes. However, if you have a large household with many rooms and/or a lot of space, a ductless system can help you keep your heating and cooling costs in check. This also allows each family member to customize the temperature in their own room without affecting the rest of the house.

At Corsair Heating And Air we are experts on the system and will provide you with helpful advice on the right system for your home.

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